Spending time in nature relaxes and brings you back to the essence of it all: nature does what it does and that's perfection in itself. To add to this intense feeling of connection with nature and disconnection from daily stressful life, we offer a combination of yoga and safari. Being out there in the wild connecting with nature makes you slow down. Seeing beauty in the smallest of things.

During this special holiday you will do game drives in the early morning and late afternoon and practice yoga with stunning views twice a day. The combination of beautiful surroundings and doing yoga enhances the experience of Africa. During your stay you feel your inner battery recharge. You will feel empowered and are surely to come home a changed person!


Yoga for everybody

The yoga classes we offer during the Yoga & Safari trips are suitable for everybody. Our philosophy is to give you an experience that will empower and stay with you forever. Our very experienced teachers will adjust their classes to the guests and their wishes. So also if you've never practiced yoga before or think you're maybe not flexible enough to enjoy the benefits of yoga, you can join. The teacher will make it worthwhile for you as well. And because you're out in the bush in a 4-wheel drive car on dirt roads almost every day, doing yoga at dawn and sunset is a real treat for everybody.


No obligations

Although the Yoga & Safari trips have fixed programs, you are not obliged in any way to participate in all parts. If you feel like sleeping in and skip the yoga, feel free! Or if you want to stay at the pool or on your veranda instead of going into the bush, no problem. Do whatever makes you happy!


Qualified teachers

The practice of yoga will offer you the perfect opportunity to connect with your inner peace, clear your mind and at the same time stretch your body. Although staying in a 4-wheel drive car on dirt roads for hours is called "getting a free African massage", doing yoga at dawn and sunset is a real treat for your body.

Our teachers are Monique from The Netherlands and Inez from Spain. Depending on the group, classes will be given in English, Dutch or Spanish. Both teachers are fully qualified and have extensive experience in teaching.


You will spend the night in carefully selected accommodations within or close to the National Parks.

√ Luxury tents or comfortable lodges
√ If you want privacy during Yoga & Safari, we will arrange a single room
√ Vegetarian or vegan food? No problem!
√ Want to sleep under the amazing African night sky? Just ask!
√ Sleeping in the wild but feel safe, guards will watch out for you

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