National Parks

Tanzania has more land devoted to national parks and game reserves than any other wildlife destination in the world.

Depending on what you wish to experience you might for example visit:


√ Serengeti National Park

√ Ngorongoro Crater

√ Lake Manyara

√ Tarangire National Park

√ Selous Game Reserve

√ Gombe Stream National Park

√ National Parks in Kenya

Did you always want to look a lion in the eye? Watch the elegant walk of giraffes? Fall asleep with the sound of howling hyenas in the pitchdark night? Understandable! Lots of people have 'going on safari' as an item on their bucketlist.

Going on safari (Swahili word for trip) is an adventure, an honor and a great way to unwind. The beauty of nature and seeing animals in the wild is an experience which has no comparison with any other journey. Remember, the vast plaines, green woodlands and salty lakes are no zoos. This means you have to go on a hunt to see the animals. An exciting activity, because from one minute to the next you can see the defining black spots of a leopard shinging through the foliage of a tree or hear the roaring of an impressive male lion. So be prepared!


 Why just private trips?
During a private journey we bring you to the best places in Tanzania. Because we want you to get the best experience as possible, all our safaris are private. That way you can do everything in your own pace, linger if you want or move on if you can't wait to get to the next breathtaking scenery. Travelling in a group with people you don't know could oblige you to compromise on your own interests and preferences.

Although nature doesn't give you guarantees, our very experienced and trained guides know how to increase the chances of giving you the most beautiful sightings. The guides know the behaviour of all kinds of animals, they know the surroundings and they're very aware of the slightest clues to suspect some animal is nearby or action is going to take place.


Go wherever you want
Do you want to go to surrounding countries as well while you're allready in Africa? No problem! We have the expertise to find you the best spots to meet your wishes and interests. Crossing borders can be part of your tailor-made program. We are only an e-mail or phone call away!



Since we plan the safaris completely according to your wishes, the prices vary. As soon as we've received your e-mail, phone call or message we'll start specifying the options that might suit you. We will indicate the price for the proposed itinarary.

The prices always include:
√ Entrance to National Parks
√ Professional guide from beginning to end
√ Accommodations
√ Breakfast, lunch & dinner
√ Water during the gamedrives
√ All gamedrives & excursions
√ Transportation in a 4-wheel drive Jeep


You will spend the night in carefully selected accommodations within or close to the National Parks.

√ Luxury tents or comfortable lodges
√ If you want privacy during Yoga & Safari, we will arrange a single room
√ Vegetarian or vegan food? No problem!
√ Want to sleep under the amazing African night sky? Just ask!
√ Sleeping in the wild but feel safe, guards will watch out for you

Plan your safari

We offer safaris for the amount of days you wish, within your budget and according to your desires. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

√ Are there special animals I'd like to see?
√ How much time do I want to spend travelling from one National Park to another?
√ Would I be more comfortable sleeping in a tent or in a lodge?
√ Do I want to travel alone or in a group?


Sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings!

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