A safari holiday in Tanzania is not just any holiday. You want this to be a special time away from daily life and have all the experiences you are looking for. That's why we do not sell package deals online, we make a custom made itinerary according to your wishes.

Booking the trip of your lifetime with Namaste Safaris Ltd. is a simple and already enjoyable process. Below you see the booking process and we will guide you every step of the way. Remember, tingling with anticipation about seeing beauty, getting adventure and recharching your battery is already half the fun!

tell us your wishes → we make a plan → you check if you're happy → agreeing on your itinerary → you book your flight →                                  

                                                            READY TO GO!!!

To find out exactly what your perfect safari trip looks like we suggest you think about some basic questions such as:

√ How much money do I want to spend?
√ When do I want to embark on this magnificant journey?
√ Are there special animals I'd like to see?
√ How much time do I want to spend travelling from one National Park to another?
√ What kind of accommodation am I looking for?
√ Do I want to travel alone or in a group?



If you want to chat with us you can send a message in messenger on our Namaste Safaris facebook page. Together we make this a trip that will stay with you for life!


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