Ingrid Kupers (1973), Dutch journalist and wildlife-photographer. Kupers has travelled many places in the world, often with the goal to observe wildlife. After her first trip to Masai Mara in Kenya, she became infected with a passionate love for African wildlife. "Staying in the bush with just beauty surrounding me makes me feel a blessed person over and over again. The combination of the sometimes cruel reality of nature, the remoteness and the kicks you often get out of wildlife adventure, made me addicted". With Namaste Safaris Kupers is hoping to share this passion with others around the world.


Witress Nassary (1973), licensed guide with a degree in Tourism and a masters degree in Natural resource Assessment and Management. Nassary was born and raised in the Kilimanjaro area, under the 'Roof of Africa'. "Since my childhood I became familiar with the wonders of Tanzanian nature. Although I'm a guide for over 20 years in both Tanzania and Kenya, the beauty of wildlife never stops to amaze me". Nassary possesses an enormous biological knowledge and he has an eagle eye, a combination that is a guarantee for success during game drives.

We know Tanzania and all aspects of the country by heart. Our philosophy is to give you an adventure that will empower and stay with you forever. We will do this by giving you a tailor-made service, whether you’re an experienced traveller or all new to the beauties of Africa. We are passionate about nature and all the beauty in it and we would love to share this passion with you!


You want your safari to Africa to be special, maybe even the trip of your lifetime! That’s why it’s important to use a specialist that listens to your needs and help you create the perfect experience. Another reason to use the expertise of Namaste Safaris Ltd. is because we spend most part of our lives in the wild. That's why we've an extensive knowledge of the amazing African nature.


We are here to help you get the best for your time and money:

√ We listen to your wishes and requirements

√ Advise on the best options to meet these expectations, possibly including some you had not considered

√ Design an itinerary that is right for you, adapted to your travel dates and budget

√ Together with you we create memories that will last a lifetime







We hope to see you soon,

Witress, Ingrid and the rest of our team





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