Stalk the stalker, watch it pounce upon its prey, see millions of animals crossing a river, track gorillas, be in the wild and enjoy the spectacular African starry night sky while you’re at it. A wildlife safari is one of the biggest charms of any African adventure and Tanzania is perhaps the best country for a journey into the wild. Tanzania’s National Parks are designed to suit all kinds of interests, preferences and comfort levels, and you can be rest assured that there is a safari which is perfect for you.

Tanzania has more land devoted to national parks and game reserves than any other wildlife destination in the world. It was rated as Best Safari Country 2017. Everything from pristine coral reefs to the Crater Highlands, remote game reserves and the famous National Parks are protected by government law and placed in trust for future generations to marvel at in wonder and awe.

Lying just south of the equator, Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country and an immensely rewarding place to visit. Tanzania is home to the world-famous attractions as the endless plains of Serengeti, the renowned natural wonder Ngorongoro Crater, Africa’s highest mountain Mount Kilimanjaro and the island of Zanzibar. Yet there’s a whole lot more to Tanzania than these obvious highlights.


Almost everywhere you go on safari you’ll find interesting wildlife and inspiring landscapes. Over forty percent of the country is protected in some form or other. The diversity in landscapes ranging from forest-covered volcanic peaks to dusty savanna never seizes to amaze. Every terrain is home to different flora and fauna. Going out into the wild you will most likely see elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and leopards. Tanzania is one of the four most naturally diverse nations on earth. With around 1500 species it contains Africa’s second-largest number of bird species, the continent’s biggest mammal population and three-quarters of East Africa’s plant species. Add to this the country’s rich ethnic diversity, some superb hiking and other activities like snorkelling and diving, and you are going to make memories that will last a lifetime!



We have a word of advice for you: although chances of making the most beautiful pictures are very high, don't forget to enjoy the breathtaking scenery surrounding you as well! We often see guests being focused on taking pictures and commenting on what they see in front of them, causing them to risk missing out on some vital elements for a perfect experience. So listen in silence to all the noises, smell the scents, watch the smallest of movements and feel the air touching your skin. Our guides know what you need to get the best pictures possible. As long as nature’s circumstances allow them, they will accommodate you in every way they can.


That way the beauty of the African bush will imprint in your memory, making the pictures you took so much more lively!

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